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The Strolli Rider, from bibi¬? , is a fun, safe and stress-free way to transport toddlers and young children when pushing their younger siblings in prams or pushchairs (and avoids the need to buy double strollers too). Designed in Switzerland, it works by simply clamping to the side of the pram/push chair (a choice of adaptors are provided to ensure a firm grip to either round, oval or square framed prams/push chairs). This allows your toddler a fun ride bike-style next to you on a comfortable padded seat. They‚??ll love their new riding ‚??toy‚?Ě - no more stressful trips out with this clever rider ! It‚??s solidly constructed from weatherproof materials and comes with large, durable wheels for quick and effortless manoeuvres. It is designed so that your child sits besides you as you push, rather than standing in front of you as on regular buggy boards, leaving your feet free of obstructions. It‚??s minimum width still makes it easy to get through doors. The Strolli Rider is suitable for children up to 44lbs/20kg, and the seat, foot rests and handlebars can all be adjusted as necessary as the child grows. Not recommended for a child who can not sit-up unaided or begin to walk. To fit, simply clip the end of the arm onto the push chair/pram using the most appropriate grip for your frame, and tighten the screw ‚?? that‚??s all ! Approved to European Standards.

brand: bibi

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